Students are the key

Targeting students early and building personalised experience is key to generate higher LTV and convert them into loyal customers

  • 50% of India's population is under 25
  • 35% of online shoppers are students
  • Students are opinion leaders and make important purchasing decision
  • Students are early adopters
  • Students form lifelong purchasing preferences and habits
  • The World's top companies value the student community

Student Verification for India

Even though India has the world’s largest youth population, verifying students digitally is challenging

  • Most Indian students don't have access to .edu email accounts
  • India does not have an authoritative database of valid students
  • Many institutes have partially hand-written IDs
  • Student Identify's verification process is built for India

Seamless Integration

Verify students directly
on your platform

No jumping websites or weird URLs, our tool integrates seamlessly in your transaction and user sign-up flow

Sign up as a developer and integrate with ease

Get dedicated support from our team to integrate on your apps or website

Build a list of student customers
and retarget them in the future

Create your own student community and never miss out on re-engaging with them for future campaigns

The Student Identify Advantage

Get ready to create impactful student marketing programs.

  • Seamless integration with your user journey
  • Campaign analytics with the ability to retarget students
  • Fraud protection by ensuring verified student consumers
  • Development of life long brand affinity